Dog and Newborn Baby: Introducing dog and baby

To choose a dog for a house with a newborn baby needs some special consideration. It would be very reasonable to buy one of a very tolerant breed, like the Whippet or the Labrador Retriever. Small dogs are not always recommendable, because they can get injured if they are not properly handled, and therefore, will develop a tendency to bite.In any case, carefully watch the relation between the kids and dog, specially at the beginning, when the dog is just starting to know the members of your family. Kids must learn not to hurt the dog, using some kind of violence while playing with him, and also they must learn to take care of him, like feeding him for instance. Naturally you must follow a strict anti-parasite program, with medical advice, to avoid the transmission of parasites from the dog to the children. This usually happens out of home. Dog's feces must be cleaned on a daily basis.

Good guard dogs

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