Head Collars

1. Pass the collar over the dog's snout putting your hand under the dog's jaw in order to raise his head.

2. Fasten the collar to the neck of your dog, trying not to tighten it too much. You should be able to squeeze two fingers under any part of the collar.

3. Fasten the leash to the ring on the collar that is located under the lower jaw. If the dog pulls on it, the pulling pushes the head downwards and closes his mouth.

4. When bringing your arm near to your side, you will make the dog back up to the correct position next to you.

How to Put On the Muzzle
Kneel down next to the dog and place the muzzle under the dog's head. Once it is adequately placed softly pull on the straps towards the dog's neck and fasten them while you go talking to the dog and calming him. Make sure the muzzle is well fastened, but not too tight. The dog should be able to open his mouth and gasp freely with the muzzle on.

At the beginning, the dog may try to take the muzzle off, but you shouldn't take it off when the dog is fighting to do so. Distract the dog a little and don't take the muzzle off until the animal is calm. You should never leave a dog with the muzzle on without supervision for too much time. The muzzle not only minimizes the danger of biting and keeps the dog from sniffing and digging in the trash but it also reminds the dog that you are the boss.

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