Healthy Dog Food Review

Another factor to keep in mind is that the healthy dog food must include adequate amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Review all dog foods to insure each one of these varies in percentage depending on the age of your dog and the physiological circumstances of the dog. In general it's recommended to feed your dog the commercial brands. Commercial brands are generally more practical and contain all of the dog's nutritional needs that include vitamins and minerals that minimize the chances of the dog getting sick. However if you are inclined to preparing your dog his food you must get the adequate information on it from your veterinarian and ask him to help you prepare a special diet for your dog so that all his nutritional needs are being met.

There are two basic categories of dog foods in the market, canned and dry. Dry is the one most used because it's less expensive than canned food, it holds more nutrition by weight, and has fewer calories (it contains approximately 70 percent water.) Also, dry dog food can help reduce tartar in dog's teeth. As far as preferences in tastes, every dog has his favorite whether it is canned or dry.

There are also many different kinds of special foods available for dogs that have diabetes to allergies etc. One favorite that is centerpiece for these special foods is lamb. This is due to the fact that most dogs are not allergic to it. Dogs that are aging might also need some special dietary needs. Older dogs often times need low protein foods because their kidneys cannot handle protein efficiently. There are also dogs that have heart disease problems, kidney or liver difficulties, stomach problems, as well as other diseases that may need out of the ordinary attention with special food and diets.

If you plan on feeding your dog commercially made food, try giving him the amount recommended on the package, although if you feel that your dog is getting too much food you may alter this. Sometimes the recommended portions on the packages are more than what your dog actually needs to maintain a good and steady weight.

Remember that if you are thinking about changing brands of food for your dog, to this gradually as changing it too abruptly can be difficult for a dog's stomach to handle.

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