A Healthy Puppy Diet: Avoid Toxic Food & Poison

Before and after a puppy has been vaccinated, it is very important that he get the correct diet. This should be talked about with your veterinarian or this food can even be prepared by the dog's owner (if you have the time), if not, special commercial balanced diets should be given to the puppy. The main objective of course, is that the diet and food that the puppy is getting, covers all of his needs as well as the different stages that a puppy goes through from being a puppy to becoming an adult. An example of this is when the puppy is changing his baby teeth to his adult teeth. Although this is normal, giving him a healthy diet will help him to have healthier and stronger teeth in the long run. Remember also to regularly consult with your veterinarian about your dog's specific conduct and needs, as this varies from dog to dog.

Sometimes puppies eat plants, and this often times brings on some complications such as intoxication or intestinal malfunctions. Some plants have toxic components, which is why it's important to keep puppies away from these as much as possible. Other dangerous and toxic substances include: rat poison, antifreeze (dogs really like the taste because it's sweet), things containing lead, medicines etc. And of course, you want to keep certain objects that can cause puppies to choke such as, bones, little balls, kids toys, socks etc.

If at any moment you suspect that your dog has ingested a toxic substance, you must get in touch with your veterinarian right away or with an emergency animal clinic so that they can indicate what it is you must do immediately before getting the dog to the veterinary office or clinic. It's also a good idea to try to find the toxic substance your dog ingested, or at least the container, to be able to take this to the veterinary clinic with you to show the veterinarian as this will help them get him the adequate treatment right away.

Health Diet Tip: Fresh water is something your dog should always have access to and this must be constantly changed.

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