Helping & Loving Dogs

Positive values for dogs: In reality we humans know very little about true and pure love. It is beyond comprehension how loving dogs that were originally wild like others, have now turned into such special friends that were capable of reaching to our human hearts and that have incarnated positive values within the nuclear family with docility and that are even able to turn into a wonderful help for handicapped people. These incredible loving dogs are trained to assist the needs of people that are confined to wheel chairs by picking up objects they drop on the ground and giving it back tothem in their hands, to answer phone calls by grabbing the phone with their mouth to give it to their owner and then putting it back in its place, to turn on lights, open doors, put a cassette on to play and the list goes on and on. These dogs have the ability to do almost anything a person needs; giving this way autonomy to a sick person that will no longer feel so dependent on others. These dogs are also taught to assist people in wheel chairs to help them climb onto their bed without the need of another person. The dog helps his owner when the owner places his wheel chair next to his or her bed, and then leans on the dog to move his or her body to the bed. Simultaneously the dog places himself under the legs of his owner and lifts them to place them on the bed and accommodates them. The dog then takes the sheets with his mouth and covers his owner's body to then lie next to him or her and take care of his owner while she or he sleeps.

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