Home made dog food and meals

To feed a dog with home made food you need to make a meal every day. Large chunks of chopped up meat is the base for a good dog meal. To eliminate infections the meat must be boiled. The best meat is that of the heart, guts and muscles, also once in a while necks and chicken and fish entrails are good. To all this you add boiled rice, whole wheat bread, boiled and mashed potatoes, and oatmeal in adequate proportions (for example, 1/3 meat and 2/3 vegetables and rice).

Note: The nutritious value of raw meat is not better than boiled meat, it is even more digestible when boiled. Raw hunt can be hazardous to it's health, and raw pork and beef can be deadly, since it transmits Aujeszky disease.Whoever chooses an organic diet can use barley, to accompany oats. The grains should be crushed and cooked for 2 hours in the meat broth.

Important complements: a spoonful of sunflower oil, a little lard, beer yeast, cottage cheese, or a vitamin and mineral complex. Since the dog has teeth which with it chews you must provide calf or buffalo bones for it to chew on. Dogs like changes, therefore you should vary the composition.

What is prepared food?
Prepared food is a complete food supply. It comes in the following presentations:

  • different flavored canned food, which must be completed with vegetables.
  • dry food, which is obtained by eliminating water. It is very concentrated (30 g of dry food are equal to 100 g of canned food), even though it's composition is similar.

Regardless, there are dogs who don't get used to prepared food, but there are so many varieties that there will always be something it likes. It is the first step to an adequate feeding because:

  • You don't have to boil it (it's pasteurized)
  • You don't have to cut it, weigh it or calculate.
  • In five minutes the dog will have the best food you can give it.

Note: a dog fed with dry food may experience an intense thirst, but this doesn't mean the food is too salty, it's because it doesn't contain the liquids other meal do. It has to drink a lot to avoid kidney problems.
A Balanced Diet

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