Homemade Dog Food: Canned Dog Food Reviews

My mother thinks dogs are best fed with homemade dog food rather than with canned dog food. Is she right? Generally no, and even the opposite may be true. The major problem with food prepared at home, is to obtain a balanced and varied diet. Even if you give the dog a first class steak for some time, it could be harmful, because it barely has A, D and F vitamins, and the proportion of calcium and phosphorus are completely unbalanced. These, and a deficiency of vitamin D, may cause abnormalities in the osseous structure.The high level of proteins of that kind of diet, would be also a waste of money, cause proteins would decompose to provide energy, while there are cheaper alternatives as potatoes. At the butcher stores there are all kinds of foods for animals at cheap prices, like lungs, spleens and guts. All of them very rich in proteins. Ground beef always has high levels of grease, specially the one needed to feed animals. To provide a balanced diet, food ingredients should be mixed with flour or dog crackers. Be sure the trademark used complements the low level of vitamins and minerals of the meat. It could be necessary for dogs with sensible teeth, to wet down the crackers, so they can bite better.

Should the meat be cooked?

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