Hound Dog Breed

Hound dogs: The group of hound dog breeds contains a large variety. There are sight hounds that include the Saluki, Afghan hound, Whippet and others. All of them are known for being very fast. They set sight on their prey, and chase it down and kill it. All of these breeds have long legs, have strong chests, and are thin and very agile. These dogs do not use their nose to hunt; they guide themselves with their eyes, meaning the movement of their prey stimulates them to chase after them. They are known for being able to see their prey at long distances. Breeds that use their smelling sense to track their prey are strong and vigorous dogs. These dogs have strong legs and their noses and are very well developed so they can discriminate and track well.
These breeds include Bloodhounds which are some of the most outstanding hunters that keep on incessantly without mistake. These dogs are specialists in finding people, and their best quality is that they don't scare or hurt. Their approximation does not instill fear. Otter hounds stand out for how they track in the water. Black and Tan Coon hounds stand out for chasing and letting the hunters know when the prey has hidden in a tree etc. Within this group there are also dogs that chase and stalk bigger and more dangerous animals such as the Great Dane and others. These dogs usually work in group stalking and barking until the hunter arrives. Within this group there are also Daschunds that are specialists in localizing burrows, practically getting in bravely to make the prey come out. These animals are loving and obedient, although there are some that are independent and do not give into human friendships.

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