Housebreaking Puppy

Puppy dog house breaking: Rather than cover the puppy's whole area with newspaper, it is better to give it one specific spot that has newspaper or better yet take it outside to the garden (but again to one specific spot).During housebreaking, the puppy eventually realizes that the small spot you keep taking it to is the only place that it should eliminate at. Take the puppy to the spot and give it a few minutes during which you can say, "Go now", or something similar to let it know what it is that you want the puppy to do. When the puppy does what you want it to, be sure to praise it generously. When your puppy has an accident in the house be sure not to get angry at it. For starters, it was most likely your fault to begin with and even if it wasn't, getting mad at your puppy will only make it fearful and confused.
If you come across your puppy in the act of soiling the carpet or floor, you should sternly say, "No" but without yelling. But if the puppy has already made the mess when you find it don't say anything as it will not understand what you are correcting it for. This is a very important point as puppies and dogs learn by association. Rubbing your puppy's face in its excrement or spanking it will not have any positive effects towards house training it, so just don't do it.
Some puppies learn faster while others take more time and for this reason it is important that you the puppy owner does not become frustrated or angry if the puppy does not learn something within the time frame that you have decided on. While out walking do not let your puppy eliminate on the sidewalk, as this is where people walk. Accidental urination caused by excitement or fear is a normal reaction in many puppies and they should never be punished or scolded for this. They will normally grow out of this behavior, as they get older.

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