How can I decide when the time has come to put my dog to sleep?

If the dog has been a great companion for you for years, it will be hard. The veterinarian can guide you, but the last word is yours. Of course you don't want him to suffer unnecessarily, when there's no hope of recovery. In case of a paraplegic dog, unable to stand by himself, you may get a special wheelbarrow for paralytic dogs.The back legs are accommodated in the car, and the front legs, that usually work, drag him. Not all dogs are happy with these apparatuses, and maybe you are not able to provide him the extra attention he needs. You can even find very painful to see him like that. Under these circumstances, consider euthanasia. You should think about his normal habits, Can he go out for a walk? Can he drink and eat properly? Is he incontinent? Does he still seem happy? Then after honest thinking take your decision. If you opt for euthanasia, it must be done by a veterinarian. Don't be surprised if you're asked to sign an authorization paper. This transfers the legal rights to the veterinarian to decide the future of the animal.

Knowing your dog's diseases

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