How can I foresee my female dog

By general rule, a female has two heats a year, but in practice, is very variable. Some people think that dwarf breeds have shorter intervals between periods, but it is not necessarily true. For instance, German Shepherds have relatively short intervals between periods, sometimes only five months, while others like the Dachshund have intervals of eight months.Time varies between two and seventeen months, but some dogs can have irregular periods, which will difficult calculations in case you want to mate your female during her second heat. Obviously, the breeding owner will have to be notified about this problem, and call him when you are sure of the beginning of the proestro phase.

Do male dogs have an inactive period of sexual activity like females?

No. Males can mate any day if there is a female in heat. When mating a female for the first time, try to use an expert male. On the contrary, it's better to couple a young breeding dog with an older female, so the risk of being rejected by her is lesser.

How is mating supervised?

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