How to Choose a Puppy Breed: Getting a New Puppy.

There are many ways and places of getting a puppy. How to choose a puppy can by facilitated by attending exhibitions. Dog shoes could be fruitful if you are looking for a dog that can compete in the future. Details of these exhibitions can be found in national publications about dogs.These publications usually have information about breeders offering pedigree dogs for sale. A common breed puppy is not hard to find, but one from a special breed could take some time. In some countries there are guides, published and revised yearly, with details about available breeders and breeds. Any national canine club can also help you with information. Generally, rare breeds and puppies of a very appreciated one, are very expensive. Sometimes, a breeder can have a puppy with some imperfection at a very cheap price. Be careful with those with some physical defect, cause in the long run they could be more expensive. Your veterinarian can also recommend you some breeder as long as his dogs are not too expensive.

I'm not interested in a pedigree dog. Where can I find a puppy?

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