How to give my dog liquid medicine?

Probably, the easiest way is a shot. With a syringe we can measure the exact amount needed, placing it in the back part of the mouth, by the right side, and then vacating the content. The left hand is used to open the mouth enough to allow placing the syringe in the dog's mouth, while both jaws are held. A left person should do it the opposite way, but in both cases you better ask for someone's help.If you press the syringe slowly, the medicine will fall slowly, and the dog won't be choked. If he does, lower his head, but keep him held. The head should be placed at a 45° angle off the ground; don't incline it too much, this will make him cough, and the liquid will get into the larynx.

It's harder to use a spoon for this purpose, specially if a specific amount is to be administrated. Avoid filling the spoon, the liquid will spill. It's easier to give him the medicine, if he is placed at a reasonable height from the floor, for instance, over a table, but before protect the surface from potential scratches, and liquid spilling. Afterwards, clean the syringe or the spoon carefully. Don't forget to show him your affection, and give him a candy if he has behaved well. It will be useful to open regularly a puppy's mouth, so he gets used to it, and it will help you when necessary.

How important are dose instructions with my dog's medicine?

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