How to Keep Dog Warm. Keeping a Dog Warm.

There are several ways to keep a dog warm. One of them is to get the dog a house of the outside. Doing is the 1st step in keeping a dog warm and safe.
Is there any danger in placing hot water bags in his basket?
Methods suggested before for puppies, are likewise useful for sick dogs. An infrared heater, placed where he sleeps, and out of his reach, has good effects, providing he has a cooler place.You can also use a hot water bag, trying to prevent the dog getting burnt. This method is applied, mainly, in case the dog is in a semi comatose state, and cannot move easily. The most important factor is to use only hot water, cause boiling water can damage the skin, and consequences could be serious. Cover the hot water bag with a thick towel, just in case. Rubber bags are the most used and preferred; be sure the upper part is in good conditions, cause otherwise water will soak the dog's bed quickly, and that will bother him.

What cares does a paraplegic dog need?

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