How can I overcome my dog's conduct problems?

This is a complex field for studies, which is increasingly driving the attention of animal psychiatrists in recent years. Many problems can be traced back to their owners. For example, a dog that is left alone for long periods daily, will get bored and could become harmful.Generally, this dog will have to be switched to a new home or sacrificed. Even bigger conduct problems, from aggression to hygiene or damages in the house, are usually a consequence of poor training, and a lack of interest from the owner. In other cases, maybe the dog completely dominates his owner and family; having bitten a member of the family, he can be sure of keeping this position by biting again. If you think you have a conduct problem with your dog that you can't solve without help, first visit your veterinarian, and if needed, an animal psychiatrist.

My dog destroys the house. How can I solve the problem?

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