How Often to Bath a Dog: How frequently should I bathe my dog?

If your dog's hair is dirty with the feces of other animals, you should clean him immediately. But it is not necessary a complete cleansing. You can leave the mud in his hair till it dries, and then brush it out. It's not recommendable to wash the hair frequently, because it eliminates the waterproof natural agents, and tends to tarnish the skin.An average of a bath every three months, will prevent the typical dog odor to become overwhelming. However, for an important exhibition he must be completely clean to impress the jury. However, some softener will be needed to fix the hair after washing. This is due to the appearance of static electricity in the hair after repeating the brushing, and the negative charges tend to repel hairs. A softener will help to neutralize them.

How should I brush my dog?

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