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You must try to follow the Vet's Dosing instructions as strictly as possible. Of course, if instructions say to give your dog Benadryl dose in a way and you have to give the medicine to your dog before meals, you better do it. Some drugs, like tetracycline, are not well absorbed by the intestines in presence of food; calcium combines with this group of antibiotics leaving a small amount to be absorbed. Therefore, its efficiency against infection is reduced. Regarding of what you are feeding it; might it be a aspirin dose for dog or flea medicine. Regardless of what hours for doses, it is also important to follow instructions rigidly, cause it assures a level of the drug, therapeutically active, is retained in the body as far as treatment lasts. With drugs like the tetracycline and the ampicillin, a dose for an 11 kg. dog should be of 250 milligrams daily. If you have to give him the pills twice a day, then try to do it, lets say, at 8.00 in the morning, and the same time in the night. Exact hour is not so important as the interval during which the level of drugs decrease. It's not good to give the dog one or two pills, and then stop. For good effect, pills should be given regularly during five days at least. In some cases like eyes infections, where the spilled fluid is constantly washing the medication, more applications along the day will be necessary.

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