How long does Puppy Teething age last

My 6 month puppy bites ferociously: At seven months dogs already have a complete set of definitive teeth, so they must be passing through their worst period of Puppy Teething. The upper incisors push out at fourteen weeks of age, when the definitive teeth are in eruption.The lower incisors change some weeks later, and also the fangs (at eighteen weeks). Normally there are 28 milk teeth and 42 definitive. If you have a dog of the brachycephalic breeds or "broad skull", like the bulldog, you must watch carefully that teeth are tight enough, due to the small size of the mouth. Some dogs, like the Chihuahua's milk teeth don't always fall off and can remain alongside the definitive teeth. If this is the case, go to the veterinarian.

I'm worried because our puppy is overfed

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