How many Meals per Day does my Puppy Dog Need

At the beginning, follow the breeder's instructions; puppies need more food than adult dogs. At nine months, most of them start to eat heavily (normally at noon), or two light meals (one in the morning, the other in the afternoon). This last regime is more suited to small dogs. Nevertheless, the main point is to develop a system convenient enough for you and the dog. For instance, do not stop feeding the dog at noon during several weeks, and then, suddenly change your schedule, this could disturb him.Dogs are, basically, animals of habit that should have their food daily at the same hour, as much as possible of course. In the US, it is usual to leave the dog with food the whole day, so he eats whenever he wants. But you can do this only with dry food, because meat tends to deteriorate attracting flies, and quickly developing bacteria. In normal circumstances, dogs will quickly swallow canned food. This is a normal conduct. Sometimes, specially a female dog with puppies, will vomit the food. By nature, the female dog nurtures her puppies this way, though it may seem disgusting. Nutritional habits during pregnancy, and later while nurturing the puppies, must be changed. At five months, most of the puppies should have two meals daily, sometimes three. It's not good to leave the dog without food one day a week. This idea comes from the wild dogs conduct, which are used to fast when not hunting. In domestic dogs, however this could create some bad habits, like steeling food, and possible aggressions against the family members.

Can I give him the meals leftovers?

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