How Many People Can Live in a House with a Dog

While choosing the most adequate breed, it's very important to consider how many people live in the house your dog with live in and their ages, as well as if you already have other pets. Since families that live together have to share their space, consider the problems that could come up because of this, or if you have other pets, you will probably have to deal with this factor as well. If the pet that has already been living in your house is older, bringing a new pet could bring problems; the younger the pets are, the easier it is to teach them to share. The attitudes of the pets will be different depending on the order of when they came into your home.

  • Dog – Dog
  • Dog – Cat
  • Cat – Dog
  • Dog – Bird
  • Bird - Dog

Each one of these cases is unique and requires different teaching strategies in order to avoid fights, and even death in the case of some animals.
Tip: If you have children in your house, it's preferable to get a female breed. Females are usually more manageable and tend to be less aggressive than males, they are also less competitive.

Dynamics of your family: It's important to take into account the organization of your family and the available time that you have to dedicate to your dog. Decide on things like if only one person is going to be seeing after the things for the dog, or if everyone will share the load. Organizing all this before hand is advisable, as it will also teach you new pet to be organized and the results will be fantastic. It's also convenient to think about the movement that happens within the house everyday, like maybe although you are a numerous family, you all go out during the day to work etc. And the dog might have to be left alone most of the day.

Characters within your family unit: As we all know, there are no two families alike. There are quiet and tranquil families, while there are others that yell and make a lot of noise. Remember that the atmosphere within your home will affect the animal in one way or another. You know what they say about a dog looking like his owner. Therefore it's good to consider and think if you really want to include in another member to the family that will add to your family's characteristics, or that is the opposite.

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