How Much to Feed a Dog

Generally they only need to feed a dog 28 gr. of dry food for every kilogram of weight, while, in case of canned food it would be needed 100 gr. Small dogs tend to eat more than bigger ones, cause food demands are related with the surface area and not weight. There are some other factors related to nutritional demands of dogs. Activity is directly proportional to alimentary needs; dogs that usually exercise will need more food than the others.Age is also important, old dogs need less food. In the last phases of pregnancy, a female dog's appetite will be considerably increased. On the other hand, puppies have also high demands of food to keep them growing. It's hard to calculate the amount of home food and crackers they should eat. For instance, for a middle size dog, you must mix crackers with stew meat on equal terms regarding weight, and give the dog around 28 grs. for each kilogram of weight.

How can I control my dogs weight?

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