How much Water does a Dog Need

Sometimes my dog drinks more than usual: To feed a dog requires some learning. As well as you, the dog has to learn to feed himself properly. Be sure your dog has always a clean water bowl available, and renew it regularly. There is not a fixed amount of water the dog can drink daily. It depends on several reasons, like diet, temperature, and how much exercise he does. Usually, dogs with a dry diet will drink more to compensate the water deficit of his food. Due to hot temperatures and exercises, his need of water will increase. You can't even know how much water he drinks, because you cannot trust the water bowls. Unfortunately, dogs tend to drink from other sources, like ponds, when going for a walk, and from the toilet.The latter is particularly dangerous, especially if there are chemical products as lye. Keep the bathroom door closed and keep the toilet lid down. Watch the amount of liquid your dog drinks, filling the bowl with a certain measure, and checking how much is left at the same time the next day. There are many medical problems that can drive your dog to drink more than usual, so if that's the case rush to the veterinarian. As reference, a dog with the weight of a Cocker Spaniel should drink an average of two cups when fed with canned food. Never refuse to give him water, even if he is incontinent, because he needs to replace the excessive loss of water in his body The only circumstances when you better don't give him water, is when he is vomiting, because water may produce more of that, and a bigger lost of vital body salts. On the contrary, there are moments when you'll have to encourage him to drink, for instance, when he has an infection in the urinary zone, or gall stones. The amount of water he drinks can be reduced giving him milk. Using the nursing bottle to feed puppies is now usual. But, remember, milk is not basic, and not all dogs can digest it properly. Don't try to give him some alcoholic liquids; this is potentially harmful, and dogs like human beings can become addicts, with similar consequences. If you're going to the beach take some fresh water and a bowl for your dog. Especially on hot days he could try to drink sea water, which can be deadly, due to saline intoxication.

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