How Puppy Senses Works

A dog's sense of smell and taste VS a Puppy's sense of smelldog smelling and sniffing: Since the very moment that they are born, dogs have a wonderful sense of smell. Even if the new born puppies can't see, hear or walk they are completely capable of detecting their mothers smell and heat, which allows them to locate her and get to their food. With time their sense of smell improves more and more and by the time the puppy is a grown dog his sense of smell has developed to such a point that some say that it's up to a million times betters than ours.Puppies and grown dogs use their sense of smell to communicate between themselves, that's the reason why they like to sniff the floor or anywhere else other dogs have passed by. With their nose they can read the messages that other dog have left behind, similar to what we do when we read the newspaper. Their way of shaking hands or presenting themselves it's by smelling each other. Their personal smell contains a big quantity of information about their health, their sex and about the behavior, for example: if they will be friendly or hostile with other dogs. Dogs also use their sense of smell to track down their prey, when their out hunting. Their wild ancestors, the wolves, need the ability to track down their prey, in order to eat. Now days their hunting skills are very useful especially for sports like tracking, it also helps them to locate and rescue people that are stuck or under the debris after an earthquake.taste

Dog Sense of Taste: Nobody knows how developed the sense of taste of the dog is. It's obvious that some like some food and others will like different foods, they can also differentiate sour, salty, acid and sweet tastes but not the same way that we do.

Some dogs just chow down any thing that you'll give them and like strong tastes like garlic and unions. But other ones will probably be pickier about what they eat and won't want to taste something new.

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