How Tiny Teo Learned How To Walk

Teo is a child who had spasmodic paralysis, he refused to walk or make any movements with his legs, his occasional falls would cause him to get sores. When his father bought him a dog he forgot all about his fear of walking, he would follow the dog from one room to the next, falling over or crawling, and in some cases walking upright. It was almost a miracle. He gained confidence in himself and stopped being spoiled, in the sense that he would want all his parents attention at all times. He was proud to have a puppy which to take care of. Besides he started having a better communication with his other brothers. A child, a dog, they are both which helps to create a powerful autonomy that altogether helps fight a sickness or instability.

A friendship with a dog eliminates communication problems with other children when you have an only child or a very introverted one. Holding a dog on a leash raise self esteem and effortlessly establishes a contact. A child that talks to it's dog will not stop talking in the presence of other children or adults. A dog can almost replace a brother and does replace playmates who, on the other hand, are easier to find with a dog.

A dog as therapy for handicapped children

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