How to Choose, Pick & Select Dog Breed

Breed selection: Choosing a dog breed is and exercise that will require you time and care. If you need help and wanna know how to choose and select the right dog breed, you have no need to look elsewhere. We help you pick a dog breed that's appropriate to your family' situation. It has been difficult to follow the lead of the ancestors of dogs. Genealogy places them as descendants of the wolf, while it is also thought they come from multiple descendants. There is somewhat of a controversy on this subject which places dogs as mysterious beings. "Canis familiaris" is not only applied to wolves but to jackals, foxes, dingoes, and dogs as well that came into existence as such. Until awhile ago it was thought that the jackal was an ancestor of the dog, but as of now there is no ground that sustains that hypothesis. They are said to be different because of the different characteristics in them.
Wolves as we know maintain their distance from man while dogs are friendly and sociable. As much as wolves come to establish affective bonds with men that have raised them from the moment they were puppies, they will still continue to behave in the same biological way that tells us they don't lose their natural instincts and they don't respond to humans the same way dogs do. Most mammals respond to characteristics and behaviors that are specific which allows and gives rules to each determined species and it is a natural process which allows them to not become extinct.
Most are polygamous and this can be seen when the presence of the male is not necessary during labor and feeding times. The few cases of monogamous animals are wolves and foxes. It has been observed that male wolves establish very effective relationships with their female partners and cubs by protecting them and fulfilling all the fatherly roles and it is accepted within their determined pack. The number does not depend on the amount but on the capacity he shows to defend his territory and show leadership at the attack of their rivals. Another interesting thing about wolves is that they allow other wolves of lower levels to become the "uncle" of the cubs. The cubs remain close to their progenitors and inside the group until they are about three years old where they then become independent.

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