How to Choose a Dog

What to look for in a dog: The first thing you need to ask yourself before getting a dog is what exactly it is you want. How to choose a dog depends if you are looking for collaboration, protection, defense, emotional help and support? It is important to analyze our own possibilities and what the set backs not allow us to get a certain breed. For example, money, space, time, tolerance, love etc.
There are dogs of all different sizes ranging from huge, to big, to medium sized, to small, to teensy. Some of them have long haired coats (these shed twice a year), stiff haired coats (some have to go to the barber a lot), shorthair, curly, long, smooth etc. there are breeds whose ears hang down, some drool, other leave hair everywhere. Some of them get along just fine in small apartments while there are others that need daily exercise and big spaces to run about freely to burn off energy.
Some breeds adapt perfectly well to cold weather or to heat and there are those that need to be trained in special ways.
Another thing to consider is what sex you want your future dog to be. Obviously this is a personal decision. There are some differences between male and female dogs though. Male dogs are generally stronger and more independent (this does not mean they do not show affection to their owners though), whereas female dogs are generally more affectionate, but again it does not take away from their abilities to work.

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