How to Choose the Puppy

Buy him at the ideal age. Be careful where you choose and buy the puppy. Choosing the breed is fundamental for the owner-dog balance, and the future stability of the dog's character.
The Normal Behavior of a Dog: It's very important to understand normal attitudes in the dog's behavior to detect any abnormality. In first place, you must difference innate and acquired behaviors, and then study the many ways of learning the dog has. This allows you to detect the precise moment when a link of the chain is on the verge of breaking, causing problems.
Innate Behavior:The main characteristic is that you cannot change it. It's no good trying to impede an instinctive behavior, repression may cause serious problems.
Acquired Behavior: These kinds of behavior are acquired along his life, maybe with his mother, other dogs, or his owner. Learning ways are diverse.
Learning through Mistakes: Some behavior has bad consequences for dogs, but they quickly forget them; other have good consequences and the dog selects between them. If a behavior brings joyful results, the dog keeps it in his memory, and knows that if he does it again, will get the same results.
Learning by Watching: The dog must watch carefully everything around him, watching other dogs to discover if their behavior is good, memorize it and copying it in similar situations.

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