How to Detect a Sick Puppy

Just like any child, you can detect a sick puppy by:

  • Doesn't eat
  • hides
  • his hear is deteriorated
  • drinks more
  • searches his owner's affection, but irritates easily

Eye Care: No matter the breed, puppies have a special sensibility in their eyes, so these require a daily attention. In small breeds, lachrymal channels are frequently obstructed, deriving in a tear dropping by the eye's extreme, with the hair losing color.

Structuring and Performance of the eyes: The cornea is the first structure in contact with air. It can irritate, which causes queratitis. The conjunctiva is the mucous covering the eyelid's interior. Inflammation could cause conjunctivitis. The transparent crystalline lens could turn opaque, and provoke a cataract. The iris gives color to the eye, the retina, deeper part of the eye, is the structure over which images are formed. The lachrymal channels start in the eye's extreme and go down to the nasal orifices There is a third eyelid

Cares for these cases are usually external, and will also affect, therefore, the following structures: cornea, conjunctiva and eye's angle.

What We Should Know: To clean an eye, start by the internal angle and then to the external angle, to prevent carrying dirty to the eyes.

Dog Cleansing: Products to be used are only ocular lotions for dogs, or physiological serum (in unique doses, than be carried, and that have good preservation). To avoid trails, clean eyes properly with a compress moistened with an ocular antiseptic and not a cotton, which leaves filaments on eyelashes. Case of infection as conjunctivitis, is necessary to clean before treatment. Don't forget to use a different compress for each eye. The effect of the medicine will be enhanced by a previous cleansing. To pour colirio in a dirty eye diminishes the effect of treatment. For regular eye's hygiene is recommendable to use a product made for dogs, so irritation problems are prevented.

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