How to feed a reproductive/breeding stud dog . Feeding a Breeding Dog

The canine reproduction is a fascinating hobby that attracts many people although it can also be that the owners do not want them to be reproducing regularly. The key for a successful reproduction is nutrition. In this chapter will study the parent's nutrition, taking in consideration the feeding of the female gestation and nursing until the puppies are on their own.

Studs and brood bitches: These are terms used in kennels for animals dedicated to reproduction. Both sexes will keep in muscular shape with the right feeding and constant exercise. It is not necessary to change their diet with special supplements. The main function of dogs and all living creatures is the reproduction. If both parents are healthy and fed with the correct nutritionist food, usually they will produce healthy descendants. If one of the parents turn out to be sterile or sick, no dietary adjustment will allow to correct the dogs deficiency by it self.

Recipes for Dogs

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