Proper Way to Hold and Pet Dogs

Most dogs like receiving affection and getting patted. But you got to know how to do it. Try to imagine someone patting your head all day. Wouldn't that be annoying? It might even cause a headache! Well, puppies prefer getting caressed or scratched than being patted, and their favorite spot for such activities are its chest and stomach. If you're going to scratch him use the tip of your fingers, but if you're going to caress him use the palm of your hand. If you notice the dog moving around or trying to bite you, stop immediately. Most dogs show you the part they like to be touched. Closely pay attention to your puppy next time you're scratching him to locate his favorite place, and go for that spot every time you want to scratch your dog.Proper Way to Hold and Pet Dogs

Picking him up and holding a dog safely: Lost of times puppies don't like getting picked up and held in your arms. So don't do it if it's not really necessary, and in this last case do it with the help of an adult. The dog could move from your arms or try to jump off and by doing so, will end up hurting himself: so be very careful. It's very important that he feels totally safe at all times, and that his weight is perfectly balanced to be able to sustain him safely:

  • Place the palm of your hand under his chest, sliding your fingers down between his front legs holding that area safely.
  • Use your other hand to pick him up off the floor, holding his rear part.
  • Now you may place him on the table, chair, bed, or just over your chest if you plan to walk with him.proper way to hold dogs

You got to be very careful when wanting to place him back on the floor. It's very important to keep him perfectly still and sustained until he is on the floor. Sometimes puppies like jumping towards the floor when seeing it closely, but it's important that you don't let him, for it could be dangerous and possibly end up injured. Brushing him & personal hygiene

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