How to Hold a Puppy Dog

Holding a puppy: If you want to carry your puppy you will need to hold the dog to your chest by placing one of your hands in between the puppy's front legs and the other in between the posterior legs, in order to hold him under his tummy. Don't attempt to grab him by the coat on his neck the way his mother used to though. Remember that female dogs are intentionally supposed to hold their puppies this way and they know how to and puppies do not resist their mothers when they do; another factor is that they only hold them a few inches away from the ground. To put your puppy back down on the floor, gently place him back on the ground; don't just let him jump out of your arms as the puppy could end up getting hurt. Children should not be allowed to carry a puppy until they are taught how, and when they do, they must always be supervised. Let the children in the house know also that they are not to pullon the puppy's ears or tail; doing this can cause the puppy to get inflammations or infections, especially when in the case of the puppy's tail. Teach your children to place the puppy over a table and to never drop him. This is why it's essential you do not leave younger children alone with the puppy.

Puppy Care and Precautions: Make sure to always take care of your puppy's head because their heads are very sensitive. Always make sure to watch out of sharp corners, door and furniture that could cause the puppy to get hurt. Remember puppies are very curious and they try to get into everything. A puppy's skull is very vulnerable and delicate during the first sixty days of life (this is also why it is not recommended that children carry puppies as they could drop them). One fall could put the puppy's life at risk. Make sure also to be careful when closing doors behind you that the puppy does not get stuck since they have a tendency to follow their owners everywhere.

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