Dog Whisperer - How to Play Dr Dolittle

A Dog Whisperer is know has somebody that can talk to dogs, one that knows what's on my dog's mind? Just like Doctor Dolittle, all dog lovers would like to be able to talk with their pets, understand what they are thinking, how they feel and why they do the things that they do. Unfortunately we simply do not have the ability to communicate in any really two directional ways with our canine friends. Unless there is some major scientific breakthrough or we humans learn how to communicate telepathically it doesn't look the situation is going to change any time in the near future. So how can we, in our limited way, be apprentice Dog Whisperers and really know what our dogs are thinking?The power of observation: If we carefully and thoughtfully observe and study our dogs in distinct and predetermined situations we can over time build up a good basis of understanding of their actions, body postures, facial expressions, vocal language and thereby begin to have a better understanding of what it is exactly that our dogs are feeling and experiencing.

Dog emotions: There is no question but that dogs have feelings and emotions that are in many ways similar to those experienced by humans. There reactions can sometimes even seem similar to those of humans. For example if a dog feels unloved they become depressed and express happiness when a member of the family returns home. They also become frightened when they feel threatened and seem to genuinely enjoy playing and having a good time.

A Dog Whisperer Gets into your dog's mind: The time that it would take to watch, study and organize your conclusions in such a way, that you would better understand what is going on inside your dog's mind is daunting. That is why this little site has been put together so that you, the dog lover, can at the click of a button learn from other's experience and by simply studying the information contained here begin to gain an instant and more complete understanding of what your dog is thinking, feeling and experiencing in many diverse and everyday situations.

Misconceptions about Dogs: There was a time when dogs were considered to be just dumb animals. This attitude is changing but unfortunately it is changing slowly and many still hold onto the notion that dogs cannot think for themselves. Obviously any observations and conclusions that we make about dogs will be tainted by the fact that we are humans. So the challenge is to try and explain in an understandable way how our dogs not only think but also to explain a little about why they think the way they do.

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