How to Play with a Dog

Dogs love both physical and mental stimulation. They are also curious and they enjoy human company a lot. Playing with your dog in a constructive way allows you to relieve his boredom, channel his natural instinct to jump and reduce any destructive activity.

Bringing Objects
Going for toys and bringing them is an exciting game for active and healthy dogs, but it can be physically tiring and even dangerous for old and heavy animals. It is convenient to use toys with rounded edges.

Playing With Balls
Catching them and dropping them is a simple game that puts to test your dog's reactions and obedience. Never throw the ball straight at the dog because it can be dangerous since the dog can swallow the ball when he catches it.

Active Games
Make your dog participate in games that are intended to develop his activity. Many dog clubs organize competitions of these games and both, you and your dog, can enjoy participating in them.

The Hide and Seek Game
Playing hide and seek stimulates your dog's mental ability and sense of smell. You can also teach your dog to look for other hidden objects such as keys, a purse or a shoe, but only when you order him to do so.

Playing "Pull"
Don't pull on an object at the same time as your dog does until he has learned to drop an object when he is ordered to and always use adequate and resistant toys. Be careful with a very possessive dog because he can react aggressively.

A dog's health requires a lot of exercise and getting your dog used to running with you can be fun and physically stimulating for both of you.

Following Traces
Many dogs enjoy the mental concentration that comes with following a trace. You can leave a cue for your dog, walking on the grass and then leaving a prize for the dog at the end of it.

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