How to Stop a Dog from Jumping on You

Puppies that jump on people: All of us with puppies have experienced the joy the puppy feels when we get back home from work or from having gone out, and this act of happiness is usually shown by jumping on us with his two front legs. This demonstration of pure love is endearing to most of us, since it is after all a puppy. However, imagine what it will be like when that tiny little puppy grows into a huge Saint Bernard, or Rottweiller etc. One jump from a big dog could bring you down and the results could be a terrible accident. And what's worse yet; if you ever have visitors over, imagine the whole scenario. Because of this factor, this bad habit must be stopped at the age of a puppy. Every time your puppy jumps on you when you come home, push him down on his chest sending him to the floor and tell him "No, No," When a puppy does not know where he is getting hit from it makes him lose his equilibrium while at the same time being ordered "No", he will soon form aconditioned protection reflex, since he associates that each time he jumps on a person he get a hit (not hard though) that causes him to fall. If you have a very small puppy, grab him by his legs and as you correct him say "No, No", then place him on the floor and then praise him and pet him.

Paw shaking: There are people that teach their dogs and puppies to put their paw out when asked. Some people consider it to be cute. However, teaching a dog or puppy this behavior can actually be dangerous, especially in the case of guard dogs. Remember that a thief could easily ask a dog to give him his paw and then be in full control of the dog. Obviously, this depends on your beliefs and on why you have your dog, if your dog is not a guard dog; it's entirely up to you.

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