How to Stop Puppy from Begging for Food. Behave at the Table

There is a basic rule he should learn from the first day: it's forbidden to beg in the table.Another fact is the owner's discipline. Frequently, when the puppy is quiet, knowing there's nothing for him, the owner decides to reward him with a morsel, cause "he looked very sad". Then you'll only ruin all the previous work, besides damaging the puppy's liver, as usually the food on the table is not what he needs. When giving him his food, try to avoid him jumping over the bowl with a No, wait!, and at the same time, put your hand before his snout waiting for your order. This kind of game can go on outside meal hours, using a piece of his favorite food. This game has three targets:

  • to enhance the owner's authority
  • to prevent the poisoning of the future guardian dog

the puppy gets use not to jump over the food, which is very useful in cases of breeds prone to stomach dilatation or torsion.

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