How to Teach Children to Not Fear Dogs

For dogs a prey is everything that runs away, leaving a fear odor (the dog perceives perfectly) and acute sounds; the prey is more appetizing while smaller, cause instinct tells him that a small animal is easier to catch and helpless against him.The ideal prey is represented exactly by a running away cat, by a corral animal fluttering, and a kid that runs away shouting and crying. With such stimulation, even a Chihuahua can start chasing it; the difference is that the bigger the dog the greatest the danger. The first conclusion is that it's very important to teach the kids not to run or shout when facing a dog, but to stay quiet and cool till their parents come. But this is not easy. Children that like dogs does not need it, on the contrary, those who fear, usually small kids, act so instinctively as the dog: they run because their instinct tells them so; in that moment the parent's lessons are forgotten, and in few seconds a tragedy can take place. The next logic conclusion is that is also indispensable to avoid dogs phobia in children. In many cases the kid inherits his parent's fear; maybe they have phobia of dogs, or have made some mistakes from the educational point of view. Parents that fear dogs, please don't pass it over to your children, cause a kid that has not a good relation with dogs, has no correct relation with nature, and this can affect his character and his psychological development. It's scientifically proven that kids that like dogs have better relation with mates and adults. Besides, children running away from dogs are the ones in greater danger of being bite.

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