How to Teach a Puppy to:

How to Teach a Puppy to listen: It's time that you start educating your dog! The first he thing he must learn is toHow to Teach a Puppy to listen to you (because if you don't teach him to listen to you, how on earth will you ever teach him anything?). When you get him too look at you, start with the easiest command "sit!"

Always remember to stay calm during his training. Choose a sound that will mean he is going to receive a treat after what ever you expect from him.

How to Teach a Puppy to pay attention: You and your dog must e in a quiet and peace full place. Have a couple of treats that he really likes ready for him.

  • Clearly say the name of your dog in a cheerful tone.
  • As soon as your dog looks at you make the sound.
  • Give him his prize
  • Repeat his exercise 3-4 times.

Your puppy will quickly learn what the sound means, and will react to it every time he hears it. Your dog will also have learned to pay attention every time you say his name.

Repeat this exercise as many times possible, until it comes out perfect. When this happens you will both be ready for his next lesson.

How to train your puppy to sit when commanded

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