How to touch a dog. How to touch a dog

How to touch a dog: Often time's people touch dogs on their head because it is an easy place for them to reach. When we touch a dog's head we often times cover the organs that allow the dog to control his surroundings. When we do this, we often times cover their eyes, touch the delicate hair they have around their mouth and many times we cover their ears. Doing this can actually block their vision etc for a few seconds and it can make the dog very nervous, especially if the dog is a naturally nervous dog already. Patting adog on the head is something that dog's don't like either, because it shakes their head and blurs their vision. Playing with a dog's ears can also be uncomfortable for a dog as we sometimes block them and the dog is not able to hear for a moment. There are dogs that do not mind this if they are comfortable with the person doing it, but there are dogs that do not like it. If you do not know a dog very well, it's best not to touch his face, do this only with the dogs you are very familiar with. The safest is to touch a dog on his chest or back to not bother him.Leaning over a dog to touch him is not appropriate either because it might make the dog think you want to attack him. When a dog is not sure about a human's intentions he usually moves his head away from the person's hands.

How to handle a dog: Most dogs enjoy getting cuddled and pet by their owners on certain places of their bodies. However, there are some places that each dog prefers depending on how he's been raised or if he's old, etc.
The best way to help your dog get used to your petting, cuddles and tickles is to do this while grooming him. A good dog owner will regularly groom his or her dog and this is a great opportunity to establish trust and it strengthens the bond that already exists between the dog owner and the dog.

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