How to Train a Dog to Sit

Puppy "Sit": Every puppy dog master needs to know how to train a dog to sit as almost every person that has or has had a puppy will tell you that one of their most noticeable characteristics is never sitting still whenever we want them to. Puppies are naturally rowdy and independent and the truth is that this behavior shows us the puppy is healthy and lively, imagine a puppy that sits in a corner all day…. it would be pretty evident that something is wrong! Despite their naturally rambunctious nature it is necessary to calm them down a little, and because of this reason, it is important to teach and train the puppy to learn the submissive positions which are "Dog Sit" and "Dog Down". Obviously the puppy is going to resist at the first tries, but don't give up and remember that puppies love learning new things to please their owner, meaning he will soon learn to do it. Place the dog collar and leash on youdog and face the dog. Give the puppy to "Sit" and keep the puppy's head up by using the leash while you put pressure on his behind area with your right head, making the dog sit. Keep the puppy in this position for a few moments while you praise him by saying "Good boy", "Sit", and "Sit", "Stay", "Sit" etc. Then let off the pressure on his back to make sure he gets the idea. If the puppy at this moment stands up, correct him by saying "No", "Sit", "Sit", and apply pressure on his back again to make him sit. Repeating this over and over will make the puppy learn quickly. The fact that you are making the puppy adopt a new position against his own will probably bother and annoy him so it is important to only do these types of training for a few minutes at a time so that he does not get bored or frustrated. As you continue practicing you will then be able to little by little increase the amount of time you spend practicing. When commanding your puppy, make sure you use a commanding voice, but not too much so as to not scare him. Each training practice you do with the puppy should not prolong over five to ten minutes to begin with, and make sure to always be gentle and never yell or force the puppy forcefully.

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