How to train a puppy

Training a puppy is not that simple, but its one of the most rewarding things to do. As you know dogs can't speak or understand us, so they won't be able to learn as easily or as quickly as us, so we got to be patient. Having prizes and treats are essential parts of How to Train a Puppy correctly. If your dog receives a treat for doing something it's very likely that he will do it again. But if by doing something he doesn't receive anything in return, he may never repeat it. For example, if you're training your puppy to sit, and for each time he sits in front of you, you give him a treat, he will quickly learnt to sit every time he hears the command. Puppy's do things just for fun as well, like digging, barking, biting and chasing after moving objects. Dogs very much like to be the center of attention. If your dog does something wrong and you laugh at it, your dog may think that he has found a new game and repeat it.

Dogs can't speak our language!How to Train a Puppy
If you saw any of those movies like Lassie or 101 Dalmatians, you may have been given the impression that dogs understand every word we say. But it's not that way. Even though they can learn a single word when repeated to him plenty of times and what it means maybe as a command, our language is completely foreign to them. Instead of our language, they look at our body and face movement, responding to that much more than to our words.

Your dog's dictionary: Your puppy may feel confused if you're training him to sit on the command of "sit!" and your brother is using "sit down!" It's actually quite useful to make a dog dictionary that will include all the key words and commands that you and your family will be using while training him. When you all agree on the words you will be using, it would be smart to write them down with their meaning with it on a piece of paper and stick on the fridge so everyone can read it. How to teach your puppy…

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