How to Train a Puppy -Training a Puppy

Training a puppy: Getting a new puppy is a moment that causes happiness as it is wonderful to become a new puppy owner. If you know how to train a puppy correctly, you will be able to notice in your puppy's little eyes the beginning of a new friendship and this is when you will begin to educate and train your puppy to be passive and emotional. This is one of the most important stages for the growth and development of the puppy. Keep in mind that when a puppy is taken away from its mother, brothers and environment, the type of life it has acquired until now is interrupted and completely changed and brought into a completely new one. Our obligation to this little fellow is to make this new transition as easy as possible so that it does not affect him emotionally. Dogs do not have as long as a life span as humans do, so their learning and development needs to happen quicker which iswhy the puppy's education and training must begin as soon as it comes into our home. This is done in order to avoid the puppy from acquiring bad habits and inappropriate behaviors that are later very difficult to break.

Understand how to train a puppy by avoiding basic long term mistakes. For example: even though it will be hard, avoid touching the puppy too much. You need to give your new puppy some time to recover from this traumatic shock it has gone through of being separated from it mother and the trip to its new home where it will require of special attention and special care. When getting a new puppy it is vital you have everything ready to receive him starting from its own little private space. This private space needs to have the puppy's bed along with a toy or two, its feeding area, and a place where the puppy can do his needs. Puppies are not born knowing where to do their needs and they need to be taught where they are allowed to and where they are not allowed to use the bathroom.

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