How to Train a Rescue Dog

Training methods for rescue dogs: Dogs that are getting trained to become avalancherescue dogsneed to go through a lot of different types of training to get them used to the weather, altitude, etc. These dogs need to exercise over soft and hard snow, in the middle of strong storms so they can develop an instinct of orientation within a storm, their eyes need to get used to the huge white blanket of snow and large areas. They have to get the bottom of their paws used to the different stages the snow has such as if the snow is soft, if there are rocks, ice etc so that their paws harden enough so as to not suffer from the cold etc.
The program also teaches the dog how to be carried in the arms of their guides in the case they were to get injured, as well as how to be transported on skis, sleds, helicopters, and on stretchers.
These dogs also learn to long jump and high jump. Walk underneath excavation areas, walk in very narrow paths, climb on slippery ice, snow, or rocks. And they must learn to keep still if they need to be transported or carried by a harness or by the helicopter.
They also need to have very keen sense of hearing to be able to capture any strange sound such as the thumps or scratching of a victim that is buried under the sound, as well as to perceive the sounds that occur before an avalanche is about to happen to be able to warn the guides of the danger coming.
The dogs learn all these things on the mountain and they begin tracking and to visually find objects. Then little by little these objects are buried, deeper every time in order to evaluate their tracking work. The trainers are not allowed to smoke cigarettes during training, or dirty the area with any type of waste that could cover the odor. The dogs are only put to work for 20 to 30 minutes at a time and then they are taken in to warm up. Once they have rested up they get back to work. During rescue missions the dogs that are well trained can work for an hour or more.

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