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Puppy behavior

Dog food or home food?

Discovering and knowing your puppy

Hygiene Rules

The Psychological Characteristics of a Puppy

Knowing the World

Puppy Characteristics

First Experiences with Collar and Leash

Aggressiveness & Combativeness

Using the dog leash

Dog Aggressiveness

Basic Training

The First Days of Life

Training Without Punishment

The Newborn Senses

Training an Exhibition Dog

Survival Fight Starts

Training a young dog

Evaluated in their first days of life

Leading with or Without Leash

Discovering the world and man

Separation Anxiety

The Imprinting

The Dog and Children

Socialization phases, hierarchic & pack order

Risks Stemmed from Predatory Instincts

The Family Hierarchy

How to teach children to not fear dogs?

Rebel dog

Advice for Parents that fear Dogs

Choosing a Puppy and His Home Arrival

To Parents With Children Fearing Dogs

Puppy Trade

A Dog as Brother

Talk with your Breeder

Advice from the vet

Sanitary Certificate

Wild Conduct

Physical Check

Pack dogs

Character Exam

Owner - Dog Relation

Campbell's Test

Basic Rules to Start a Hierarchy



Welcome Home

The Owner's Work: socialization to his puppy

Apartment or house with garden?

Different Kinds of Owners

Lifting a puppy

Buying a Puppy

The Cage Gives Comfort

How to Choose the Puppy

The First Night

Relations Between Dog and Owner

Education Rules

Dominion Signs of the Owner over the Dog

Signs of Affection

Privation Syndrome

How to Behave at the Table

Separation Syndrome

How to Detect a Sick Puppy

Excess Attachment Anxiety

Care of Ears

Reeducation of Behavior Disturbances

Dog Teeth Care

Appearance Principle

Preventive cares: vaccination and vermicides

The puppy and life with other people

Official Cinofilia

Fights and Chasing

Games and Breeds

Signs of Invitation for Playing

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