How to train your puppy to come when called by name.

Your dog already must have learned to pay attention to you, that is, look at you when you say his name. The next step will be to come over when you call. This turns out to be quite useful. You can get him to come in the house when you're inside, or to come over when he gets into trouble.

  • Standing right in front of the puppy, say his name and slowly move the candy bar in front of him, as if to tease him. If he gets closer, make the noise then give it to him.
  • Repeat the exercise but take a few steps back. Get the puppy to come to where you are to get the noise followed by candy from you.
  • Start changing the distances the dog must take before getting his candy bar (from 1-12 steps).
  • Once you get the puppy dog to come to you every time you say his name, add the word "come!" after his name.

As soon as you dog comes to you touch his collar make the noise and then give him his treat. This way he'll know to stay still a bit after he gets there so you can grab him or put his leash on, and all this before he gets his prize.puppy dog coming when calledIf your dog takes too long in coming, or doesn't come at all, don't be angry with him. All you'll get is him not wanting to come at all. Instead of getting upset, all you got to do is show him the treat he lost for not coming and then put it away. Go back to step number one, and as soon as gets his name right, add the "come!" to it. Dog Language

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