How to Teach New Puppy to Stay Down Sit or Come

Train puppy to Lie down! Teaching him to lie down takes a little more patience than to sit, since you have to wait for him to do the action just by chance. You must observe your puppy at all times to find him completely laying down.

  • Place the candy bar very close to his nose and go lowering your hand little by little toward the floor, always following an imaginary line in the middle of his front paws. Now hide the candy bar from him by placing the palm of your hand towards the floor Your dog will try to lower his head as much as he can and stick his muzzle under your hand in order to take the candy from you.
  • If your dog lifts up one of his legs trying to take the candy form you, lower his head as if bowing down to you. You're doing well.
  • In the very same instant that your dog is laying down make the noise and say the chosen command, and then drop the candy bar and let him eat it.
  • Repeat this exercise several times, sometimes with a candy bar in your and sometimes with out it.
  • When your dog lies down every time you lower your hand to the floor with or with out a candy in it, give the command "lie down!", as soon as you start lowering your hand.down

Getting puppy dog to lie down without a treat

  • Stand up straight. Show the candy to the dog and then hide it behind your back. In a low voice say, "lie down!", but with out moving your hand. Most dogs will try to get the prize by sitting down or by extending his paw, but that's because they haven't yet comprehended that we want them to lie down. That's why you must be patient.
  • The moment your dog lies down, make the sound, and then give him his treat.
  • Repeat this exercise several times and in different places, such as the garden, patio, park or terrace, until you get him to lie down a many times as you want him too and anywhere you would like him too.

How to train your puppy to stay still

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