How to Use the Dog Cage

If you have gotten your puppy used to the cage, he will adopt it as his favorite place, his own space. Cages must not be used as a form of punishment. The correct and responsible way to use the cage is to educate the puppy at home. It reduces the chances of destructive instincts. Plus, it makes it easier to travel with the dog.

In order to start the dog's adaptation to the cage, soften the base, put a bowl with water, and place one of his favorite toys and leave the door open. Show him a candy and give him the order to "enter". Seduce him to enter his new home. Make sure that the door doesn't close on him so that he won't get scared.

Once the dog has gotten used to the cage, he will enter willingly. When the dog is playing, take advantage and close the door, but open it after a few seconds so that the dog won't get nervous. After getting used to the cage, the dog will sleep comfortably.

Dogs shouldn't be left in the cages during the day; at most a couple of hours. And it is convenient for them to do exercise before putting them in their cages. Some dogs, especially those who have been in dog pounds or those who used to be stray, don't like to be locked up. However, if you get the puppy used to sleeping in the cage, the animal will sleep pleasantly.

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