How to Walk Your Dog

"A dog will find the walk more interesting if you give it the time it needs to make new discoveries." A walk around the corner or around the block is not considered a real walk. The dog is a running animal, which implies movement, at least half an hour four times a day. The best is for the dog to run around one hour every day( it's good for it's health). and even longer on the weekends. Naturally, the length and characteristics of the walk depend on the breed of the dog.

In Defense of the leash: Out of consideration for others it is necessary to use a leash when walking your dog among other people. Most people resist having another dog come up, sniff or jump up on them, irregardless if it is a large or small dog. A breed with a bad image, such as a Doberman or Dogo, may cause anguish in the individual, causing him to react in a bad manner, which will be interpreted wrongly by the dog.

The Well Educated Dog Walker

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