Dog Howling & Why do Dog Bark

Dog Howling is a very efficient way for dogs to communicate when they are far away from each other. In the wild, such as in the case of wolves that howl in together in a group to stimulate others to come and join them and each one of them emits a different note. If a wolf gets separated from the rest of the group, it will howl in hopes of others to hear him and so that they will respond to help him find his way again. In the same way, dogs that are kept in animal shelters howl a lot as if wanting to get together with the members of their lost pack.

Why do Dog Bark

Don't come near: Dogs that are not interested in strangers coming nearthem bark in an explosive and loud way. So, that is why dogs bark! In the worse case scenario, the barking dog will also chase the stranger. This kind of behavior usually indicates the dog feels afraid and the dog will show this behavior by flattening his ears against his head, stretching his mouth back and opening his eyes real wide. If you have ever gone by a car that has a dog in it, you have probably seen how explosive dogs get since it is easy for them to protect such a small space and it seems to be a popular place for dogs to bark at people more so then anywhere else.

Attention seeker dogs: Barkingis something a dog does to get attention and it something that is more commonly seen in smaller dogs that are overprotected and spoiled by their owners. If you have a dog that loves to be the center of attention, you will probably notice how whenever he starts to feel ignored, he will begin emitting a long series of barks and he will occasionally stop to recuperate and then begin again. If the owner responds to this behavior the dog stops; if not, the dog will probably continue on for a long time. If you have a problem with this you should talk to a professional dog trainer to help your dog get over this problem.

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