Hunter Dog VS Hunted Dogs

Hunters and the hunted: A scientist once demonstrated that it is possible for wild, hunting animals and the hunted ones to live together in peace and in harmony and that they did not have the need to hunt to eat as long as they were fed appropriately. When cats lived in the wild they were hunted by other animals and this is why they run away from any animal that gets near them. Dogs were originally hunters there fore the quick movements of a cat stimulate the dog to hunt it. If a cat were to all of a sudden stand still to a dog that is chasing him, the dog would not react; this eliminates the belief that the odor of cats causes dogs to start chasing them. Mostdogs start chasingcats in the garden because they usually show up out of the blue on the dog's property and the dog's reaction is to automatically protect his territory that is being invaded. Animals of different species have very interesting types of friendships. But even though the most genuine friendships between these species can be explained differently then from mutual affinity, we cannot put aside that many of these special friendships happen mostly when they live together. This can be clearly seen in relationships between wild animals for example crocodiles and parasite eating birds that eat from the crocodile's mouth without being gulped down. However, the apparent friendship animals of different species have, should not be attributed in every case to the predisposition of tolerance or mutual convenience. There are many proven examples that cannot be explained any other way then to believe that it is just empathy and pure friendship.

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