Hunting Dog Breed

Hunting Breeds: Within this sport group there are some dog subdivisions that depend on the characteristics of each of thehunting dogbreeds. Some are trained to point out the prey, others to recover them etc. Some of these dogs are specialists in water, others for different types of terrain such as dense areas. Some can do several different jobs while others do one specific job. These are all very intelligent dogs and they feel passionate about bird hunting and animal hunting.
The breeds that point are Pointers and Setters. These are very fast hunters that go ahead of the hunter very slowly until finding a bird that is hidden to which they then proceed to remain static literally pointing at the bird until the hunter gets there.
The pointer poses in a way where he is pointing with his head, one of his front feet will be up and his tail will be rigid outwards waiting for the command toget up. Setters adopt a similar position sitting or half sitting point to where the bird is as well. Spaniels do the same pointing with their head slightly upwards.
Spaniels look under, between dense places lifting the bird as soon as the find it or by forcing the prey to run such as rabbits. They hunt in front of the hunters at about twenty to twenty five meters ahead. The hunter must be attentive to his dog that will let him know the proximity of their prey by wagging his tail or with a small bark.
Retrievers are used to retrieve the prey. These are generally stronger and bigger dogs with a good sense of smell, great sight, memory and excellent swimmers. They have an incredible ability to mark the fallen prey and at command run to find it. They are real experts at finding things on land or in the water, even submerging into the water if necessary.
All the breeds belonging to this group generally have good characters, are obedient, and gentle.

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